• Roy M. Carubba, P.E. – Principal

Roy graduated from the University of New Orleans in 1986 with a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering, and he earned his P.E. license in 1991. He held several jobs in the industry before starting Carubba Engineering in 1993. Roy has successfully owned and operated the firm for over twenty-five years, during which time he has completed thousands of projects ranging from small residential additions to complex high-rise towers.

Roy’s philosophy in business mirrors his philosophy in life: Say what you are going to do and do what you say you will. First and foremost, tell the truth, then work tirelessly to do the right thing by one’s clients, just as one would for their family.

My business is my family and my family is my business.” 

Roy believes in treating the people that one works with like family. To him, the true definition of success is achieving one’s goals, while maintaining balance in their life. If someone’s family life suffers for their work, then the quality of their work will falter as well. Conversely, if one is not attentive to their business, their personal relationships will suffer. In the words of  Joseph Kennedy, “My business is my family and my family is my business”. The people that comprise the Carubba Engineering firm are family. People spend more time with the people they work with than their own families, so establishing and maintaining strong work relationships is paramount to success of any business. Roy believes strongly in the power of these principles to drive the success of his business.

Drawings and specifications are mediums of communication that are no different than spoken words. It is the responsibility of the Carubba team to be consultants that communicate the intent of their plans effectively and efficiently. Roy strives to improve the quality of the firm’s work product by hiring  the best people, and investing in the latest software, hardware and other technologies in order to make Carubba Engineering more effecient at producing superior work. Roy firmly believes that communicating with clients effectively is crucial to the success of Carubba Engineering. Roy works hard to establish and maintain long-standing relationships with clients by being honest, competent, resolute and attentive to their needs in terms of both time and money.


DSC00195-706x529 revised In addition to its design expertise, CEI also provides planning, building assessments for real estate transactions, forensic engineering in support of legal matters, hydrological studies for site development, and hydraulic analysis of sites for development, as well as water supply and sanitary sewer design. CEI utilizes industry standard software, including REVIT, Autocad, Microsoft Office Suite, and other recognized computer programs to produce its work.

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 Carubba Engineering’s Design Philosophy:

 Practical Design Solutions:

Part of Carubba Engineering’s philosophy is the belief that design engineering should support construction. CEI strongly believes that a contractor’s practical knowledge should be integral to design detailing, and the engineer should design details based on their ability to actually be constructed. CEI works side by side with general contractors to solve problems as pragmatically as possible while maintaining the applicable engineering standards. This ensures that the project can be built without excessive time and money being spent by the owner. CEI works in tandem with owners, architects, contractors and project managers to carry a project from the schematic design through start-up.  CEI aids in establishing the most efficient building system design and its construction budget at the schematic phase. In addition, CEI  provides adequate detailing so that construction documents can be issued effectively to the general contractor. CEI works very hard to be flexible to the needs of its clients, as well as the needs of the construction company that has to bring the project to life. Carubba Engineering’s goal is always to exceed the client’s expectation, not his or her budget.

 Superior Service:

For the past 25 years, Carubba Engineering has developed a reputation for being especially attuned to time frames and budgets without compromising the integrity of the structure. CEI prides itself on its ability to maintain the highest level of cost efficiency through narrowing the parameters of a project without being neglectful.20thSeal Logo Unlike your typical engineering firm, CEI begins with the budget before the design, developing a tailor-made system that works for and meets the established budget. Carubba Engineering treats its client’s property as if it were their own property, and their client’s money as if it were their own money.  

Philosophy – Engineering Theory vs. Reality:

Structural engineering is the art of molding materials we don’t fully understand into shapes we cannot fully analyze, so as to withstand forces of nature we cannot fully assess in a way that fully protects the community against harm.


As consultants, it is Carubba Engineering’s responsibility to protect public safety and health. A huge part of that responsibility is making sure that designs are strong and also serviceable. They must be strong enough to resist the loads imposed on them, and they must be serviceable enough to be lived in and occupied without any excess movement of flexibility. In addition, the structure must fit into the client’s budget and vision. This is the classic conflict of form verses function. CEI considers it a privilege to have such an important responsibility. 


Carubba Engineering believes that good design stems from mastering the many building systems, knowing how they will behave under loads and designing them to withstand the loads. Moreover, the designs need to be serviceable and stay within budget. This is a daunting task, as it requires a thorough understanding of the entire process from load determination to detailing at every


CEI prides itself on the ability to fully understand the client’s vision, integrate the building system into that vision and the design the building structure to provide value to the project without compromising any strength or serviceability, all while maintaining schedule and budget. This philosophy stems from Carubba Engineering’s burning desire to excel at their trade, and from knowing the parameters that govern their designs inside and out.


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